Meanwhile back at the winery…

20140415_151749Antony is busy putting the juice of our first pick (back 4 weeks ago) into barrels where it will age for the next nine months.  Lucie (from Toronto) is carefully monitoring the process, but with such a wonderful smile, how can anything go wrong!  Another 18 months before we can start offering the 2014 cuvée to our faithful followers.


Harvest officially finished early this week and our vineyard has been completely stripped of its fruit.

Kia Ora / Thank you / Merci / 감사합니다 / Danke to our faithful crew Antony, Edouard, Julien, Miran, Corentin, and Nathan and to our “backpackers” Alix, Christine, Damien, Guillaume D, Guillaume J, Hannes, Jamie, Jennifer, Julie, Malyon, Marlene, Olivier, Pierre, Robin, Sebastien, Sophie, Thomas, Tony and Yannick.  A special thank you to our neighbor Andrew for helping as well.

See some of Max’s harvest pictures here and check Christine’s blog

See you all in 2015!

Team Vela 2014

Big Day…

The crew picked 11 tons today in record time.  For the math whizzes, this is the equivalent of 11,000 kgs x 62% juice extraction rate / 0.75 liters per bottle or 9,093 bottles of PN!  No wonder why the team was proud at the end of the day.  From left to right, Edouard, Miran, Julien and Corentin.


Little Paris…

Corentin (being from Belgium) will probably object to this, but our little enclave is slowly becoming known as the Little Paris of Central Otago.  This picture was taken as we enter the final stretch of the 2014 harvest.  From left to right, Edouard, Antony, Julien and Corentin.