A Special Message…

Dear Friends,

Harvest is over and the 2015 vintage promises to be a very good one. Below is a message from our crew and a short video with faces and sounds of Harvest 2015.

Every day the sun must rise, and every day the vines keep growing. The fall, the winter, spring and summer they all go by in the blink of an eye and the vines keep going. The harvest comes the harvest goes. The wine comes, the wine goes. The faces of the harvest are the workers, those who put their hearts and their souls into the wine, and in every bottle you see an individual soul, made up of many little ones. The mountains, the streams, the rivers, the gorges; they come, they go, but their beauty never fades. It never fades because a little piece of the wonders of New Zealand is hidden in each bottle. But you won’t find it until you get to the bottom!